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Chenin Blanc

Chenin Blanc

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  • 2020 Granite Rock White ‘Winemakers Collection’, Swartland WineryWhite Wine

    2020 Granite Rock White ‘Winemakers Collection’, Swartland Winery


    Small berries big taste! The Swartland wine region of the Western Cape encompasses a uniquely diverse topographic area, with a myriad of microclimates, soils and sites which give rise to wines of full flavour and complexity.  Swartland Winery produces premium single varietal wines from the characterful bush vines grown in the heart of the Swartland, yielding wines of distinctive depth and concentration.

    The Winemaker’s Collection is an expression of Swartland’s finest terroir. These wines are crafted using carefully sourced grapes from site-specific vineyards and are planted in granite rich soils expertly suited to the cultivation of Rhône varieties

    The 2020 Granite Rock White has upfront tropical fruit and citrus aromas that complement each other – rounded off with a hint of butterscotch. A well-balanced wine with great complexity, the rich and ripe fruit flavours, linger pleasantly on the finish.

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  • 2021 Chenin Blanc ‘Steen op Hout’, MulderboschWhite Wine

    2021 Chenin Blanc ‘Steen op Hout’, Mulderbosch


    Mulderbosch was one of the very first producers in the Cape to ferment Chenin Blanc in barriques. The resultant wine garnered an avid following and Mulderbosch has since become synonymous with the variety.

    This 2021 Chenin Blanc ‘Steen op Hout’ is a vibrant and fresh expression of Chenin Blanc. Aromas of fresh pear, apricot and subtle oak spice lead to a firm texture with a beautiful crisp line penetrating the length of the palate supporting flavours of ripe Granny Smith apples and cinnamon spice.

    The fruit for the ‘Steen op Hout’ blend is sourced from vineyards in Stellenbosch, mostly on soils derived from decomposed granite, and with high gravelly clay content.  There are two Chenin Blanc vineyards at Mulderbosch: one a trellised vineyard and the other a dryland farmed bush vine block and they vary in age from five years old to 35 years old. Significantly, they are all within a range two to eight miles from the Atlantic Ocean at False Bay, and as such are strongly influenced by a maritime climate, which plays a crucial role in the ultimate wine’s freshness and poise.

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  • 2020 Chenin Blanc, Ernst Gouws & CoWhite Wine

    2020 Chenin Blanc, Ernst Gouws & Co


    Ernst Gouws, the jovial patriarch of the Gouws family and winemaker extraordinaire, firmly believes in the French philosophy that the quality of the wine is inextricably linked to the origin of the vineyards and its terroir. Grapes are therefore hand-harvested from site-specific vineyards around the town of Stellenbosch, which is world-famous for producing quality, fruit-driven wines.

    This 2020 Chenin Blanc is a fabulous everyday wine.  Whiffs of paw-paw, granadilla, yellow- and green apples, and peaches dominate the aromatic spectrum. The crunchy acidity and slight textural mouthfeel combine with the vibrant tropical fruit characters to result in a fresh, more-ish, typical Stellenbosch style of Chenin Blanc. Lingering flavours of cling peach and pineapple on the finish.

    Light and tasty, this is an ideal refreshing wine for those long al fresco lunches during the warm summer months! A perfect accompaniment to a wide array of vegetable dishes, salads and fresh seafood.

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  • 2019 Old Vine Chenin Blanc, OlifantsbergWhite Wine

    2019 Old Vine Chenin Blanc, Olifantsberg


    This is a refined Chenin Blanc showing aromas of crisp green apples, white pear and delicate pineapple layered with subtle oak nuances. Rich and full, with a good depth of fruit and a refreshing feel to balance the rich and creamy palate.

    The grapes were grown in unique sites from older vines that have an average age of 37 years.  The grapes were hand-harvested and cooled overnight. Bunch sorting took place to ensure only the best grapes were vinified. Fermentation took place in a combination of vessels: 2,000-litre French oak foudres, seasoned barrels and stainless steel tanks. Each vessel resulted in a different expression of Chenin Blanc, imparting a layered dimension to the wine. The wine was aged for nine months on the lees in French oak, which contributed to the complexity and texture of the wine.

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  • 2019 Swartland Chenin Blanc, Spice RouteWhite Wine

    2019 Swartland Chenin Blanc, Spice Route


    Produced from 40-year-old vines by Swartland pioneer Charles Back, this Chenin Blanc has a classic lemon-lime character with a characteristic waxy, almost honeyed note on the palate and a lime twist on the finish.

    The grapes of this wine are from a vineyard planted in 1978 in the Swartland. The trellised vineyards are planted on a south-east facing slope and are dry-farmed, yielding small thick-skinned berries. The soils are predominantly koffieklip (decomposed granite and iron-rich clay) producing rich and concentrated wines.

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  • 2020 Abbotsdale Chenin Blanc, Bryan MacRobertWhite Wine

    2020 Abbotsdale Chenin Blanc, Bryan MacRobert


    From very old bush vines, the Abbotsdale Chenin glimmers green golden and delivers a whole lotta bang for your buck. Exceptional concentration, fresh and baked apple, icing sugar-dusted patisserie goodies and just-ripe pears. An immensely tangy, broad and satisfying finish.

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  • 2020 Old Vine Chenin Blanc, Kloof StreetWhite Wine

    2020 Old Vine Chenin Blanc, Kloof Street


    Produced by Chris and Andrea Mullineux, the Kloof Street wines represent balance, freshness and superb value. They act as the perfect starting point for discovering Swartland’s wines. It is immediately evident in the glass that as much care goes into these wines as Mullineux’s Single Terroir Syrahs and Chenin Blancs.

    This 2020 Chenin Blanc shows aromas of sun-ripened pears and wet granite on the nose. The palate has a vibrant acidity balanced by a soft, round texture and some pithy character. The wine has a fresh, mineral finish.

    This wine is made from three sustainably farmed vineyard parcels from different parts of the Swartland. One parcel is sourced from 38-year-old old vine Chenin Blanc grown on the stony shale and schist-based soils of Kasteelberg, which retains heat well, ensuring even ripening and adds a mineral freshness to the wine. The other two parcels are from old, dry-farmed bush vine Chenin Blanc planted on the decomposed granite soils of the Paardeberg. The age of the vines, along with the dry conditions gives complex fruit with concentration of aroma and flavour.

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  • 2017 Chenin Blanc Swartland Reserve, Delaire GraffWhite Wine

    2017 Chenin Blanc Swartland Reserve, Delaire Graff


    The Delaire Graff Chenin Blanc Swartland Reserve is made from 100% estate-grown Chenin Blanc grapes. Barrel fermented and matured in oak for 10 months this wine is a light golden wheat colour. Layered expressions of citrus and tropical fruit with subtle layers of honey and almonds in the background. Balanced and superbly structured, the flavours are complemented by a delicate minerality.

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  • 2017 Blanc, OlifantsbergWhite Wine

    2017 Blanc, Olifantsberg


    The vision was to produce a great white Rhône style blend from the Breedekloof region.    This beautifully layered wine with opulent fruit flavours of white peach, ripe apricot and delicate citrus notes complemented by hints of floral and dried green herbs. The palate is rich, textured and elegant.

    The vineyard is located on the fertile slopes of the Olifantsberg Mountain Range at altitudes from 250 metres to 450 metres above sea level. It endures harsh conditions, with wide diurnal temperature swings and strong winds. During the winter the mountain peaks are snow-covered, keeping the vines dormant for longer. Cold winters, coupled with the summer winds, ensures the slow ripening of the grapes and helps to maintain healthy vines, contributing freshness and elegance to the wines. The vineyards are farmed using sustainable practices, helping to maintain the biodiversity within the vineyard and soils. The Roussanne and Grenache Blanc are young plantings on the estate and are grown on shale soils, the Chenin Blanc is grown on sandstone/shale soils, which lends freshness to the wine. The training is ‘sur eschalas’ in order to maximise the number of vines per hectare and to protect them from strong winds.

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  • 2021 Old Vine Reserve Chenin Blanc, Ken ForresterWhite Wine

    2021 Old Vine Reserve Chenin Blanc, Ken Forrester


    This renowned old vine Chenin Blanc from ‘Mr Chenin’, Ken Forrester is full-bodied, complex, well-structured and just seriously good Chenin.  Unmistakably Chenin on the nose and simply bursting with dried apricots, pineapple and hints of vanilla and honey. The finish is long, balanced and delicious.

    This wine was fermented in barrel before being left on its lees for 12 months to add extra structure and complexity. Grapes for the Chenin were hand-picked to ensure quality. Ken Forrester was hugely influential in transforming this once perceived workhorse variety into the country’s signature white wine on the slopes of the Stellenbosch’s Helderberg mountain.

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  • 2018 Atomes Crochus, Chateau La TomazeSweet wine, White Wine

    2018 Atomes Crochus, Chateau La Tomaze


    A classic sweet Loire Chenin Blanc with delicate but complex aromas of melon, fig and lemon, imbued with beautiful elegance. The palate is fresh and continues with a  long finish with a pleasant and discreet sweetness.

    A beautiful cuvée full of finesse and lightness.

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  • 2018 ‘The Lark’ Chenin Blanc, OlifantsbergWhite Wine

    2018 ‘The Lark’ Chenin Blanc, Olifantsberg


    The ‘Lark’ from Olifantsberg is a top tier, Chenin Blanc and one for those obsessive seekers of the Chenin grape!  It has a clean-cut freshness and an exceptional balance of fresh stone fruit and bright citrus notes on a fleshy textured palate. Elegant and refined with a long expressive finish.

    The grapes for this exceptional wine come from a 0.6-hectare vineyard located on the fertile slopes of the Olifantsberg Mountain Range where they endure large diurnal temperature differences and strong winds, at altitudes from 250 to 450 metres above sea level. During the winter the mountain peaks are snow-covered, keeping the vines dormant for longer. Strong, constant winds characterise this block; they have a cooling effect and encourage a slow, gradual ripening of the grapes, helping to maintain healthy vines and contribute freshness and elegance to the wines. The soil in the vineyard is made up of sandstone with clay-shale and quartz. The vineyard is farmed in a sustainable manner, with only ‘green’ products used to prevent disease, thus helping to maintain the biodiversity within the vineyards and soils.

    The lark is found in many biomes in South Africa, each with distinct call and features depending on the biome. This wine is named after the Red Capped Lark which is found on the Olifantsberg farm. The lark resonates with this block of Chenin Blanc, as it too has its own expression and story to tell.

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  • 2018 Queen Manthatisi ‘1900’, Spioenkop WinesWhite Wine

    2018 Queen Manthatisi ‘1900’, Spioenkop Wines


    This wine is named after the legendary Queen Manthatisi of the Batlokwa tribe, a formidable military leader in the 1820s.  Made from grapes in the Elgin Valley it is gorgeous blend of barrel fermented Sauvignon Blanc (70%) with dollop of Riesling and Chenin Blanc.

    Precise and fresh, with notes of ripe peach, citrus and grapefruit layered with nuances of almond, wet stone and a touch of anise. Harmoniously balanced, the tropical fruit is accented by a lovely earthy savouriness, through to a crisp, fresh finish.

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  • 2008 Cuvée Symphonie Vouvray Brut, Sylvain GaudronChampagne & Sparkling Wine

    2008 Cuvée Symphonie Vouvray Brut, Sylvain Gaudron


    The Gaudron family – fourth generation Gilles Gaudron is currently at the helm – have been making wine in Vernou since about 1890, farming a 27-hectare vineyard, two-thirds of it with an average age of 30 years.

    This  2008 which offers a rich, complex and lanoline-centred style after spending extended time on the lees. 

    This three-generations Domaine is composed of 24 hectares of vines split up into 50 little parcels. All the vines of the Domain are planted on a limestone-clay soil which rests on a sub-layer of tuffeau, the elegant stone used to build the châteaux for which the region is so renowned.

    There is a lovely rich yeasty, brioche note on the bouquet that we love. The wine was aged in barriques and gives a depth and weight to the wine that is delicious. A creaminess lingers on the finish. Just love it – move over Champagne.

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  • 2018 The Wrekin Vineyard Chenin Blanc, AstrolabeWhite Wine

    2018 The Wrekin Vineyard Chenin Blanc, Astrolabe


     Far up the Southern Valleys of Marlborough sits Jan and Andrew Johns’ Wrekin Vineyard. The soils, based on glacial outwash, are some of the older in the province and range from deep loams to tight clays.

     Like its fellow Loire grape Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc flourishes in the Marlborough climate.  Jan and Andrew have a strong commitment to organic viticulture which undoubtedly adds to the complexity and feel of this wine.

    In the glass, there are aromas of green apple and honeysuckle, with lemon honey and a little vanilla from the oak.   The palate is medium-bodied, with a focused, mineral length and flavours of crisp apple, lemon and peach.  Made to age gracefully; weight and honeyed flavours will result from cellaring.  Drink now to 2035.   Serve lightly chilled with spring vegetables, grilled fish, goat’s cheese souffle, pork terrine, and apple or pear salads.

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