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  • Offer 2020 Entre Deux Mers, Château LestrilleWhite Wine

    2020 Entre Deux Mers, Château Lestrille

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    A fantastic blend bringing intense aromas of citrus, lime and pear on the nose and unveiling an expressive mineral character on the palate. This wine is lively with good length and shows remarkable balance.

    Château Lestrille holds the Haute Valeur Environmentale (HVE) certification, which officially recognises the environmental performance of winegrowers, including biodiversity conservation, plant protection strategies, managed fertiliser use and water resource management. The vineyard is cultivated using sustainable methods and reducing the amount of chemicals used in order to respect the land and its environment. The soils are predominantly clay and limestone, which produce elegant wines.

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  • 2020 Muscadet de Sevre et Maine, Chéreau CarreWhite Wine

    2020 Muscadet de Sevre et Maine, Chéreau Carre


    This classic Muscadet from the Loire Valley is refreshing and pure, with white fruit and citrus characters combined with crisp acidity, bright minerality and a lemony hint on the finish.

    The vineyards are managed using environmentally friendly viticultural practices and are sustainably farmed. The soils are old volcanic, imparting a distinctive minerality to the wine.

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  • 2019 Casimir Rosé, Domaine Aubai MemaRose Wine

    2019 Casimir Rosé, Domaine Aubai Mema


    Made from Grenache grapes from 50-year-old vines this is simply a stunning mouthwatering rosé.  Pale in colour with a delicious textural mouthfeel.

    Forbes Magazine: “A lot more than a swimming pool rosé thanks to its restrained muscularity topped off with a beguiling infusion of strawberries.”

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  • 2019 ‘6ème Sens Rouge’, Gerard BertrandRed Wine

    2019 ‘6ème Sens Rouge’, Gerard Bertrand


    Aromas of ripe red fruit aromas and a touch of spice lead to a smooth palate of blackcurrant, fresh red fruits and vanilla nuances. The tannins are fine and silky and contribute to the balance of this eminently quaffable wine.

    The contrasted region of the Languedoc Roussillon produces fruity wines which represent the exceptional diversity of terroirs. The grapes for the 6ème Sens Rouge are grown in the foothills of the Corbières and Minervois. Here, the sunny climate and proximity to the Mediterranean, offer the ideal landscape for vine growing.

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  • Offer 2023 Sauvignon de Touraine, Paul BuisseWhite Wine

    2023 Sauvignon de Touraine, Paul Buisse

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    This Sauvignon, a clear colour with a golden tint, gives off aromas of white blossom and beeswax. Round, full and lively, it is fresh and has a delicate finish in the mouth.

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  • 2021 Zulu, Château MarisRed Wine

    2021 Zulu, Château Maris


    Perhaps the world’s greenest wine project, Château Maris is located within the of AOP Minervois La Livinière in the heart of the Languedoc, where the Mediterranean sea and the Pyrenees mountains come together.  Winemaker Robert Eden is strongly committed to sustainable agriculture and follows organic and biodynamic principles.

    Château Maris Le Zulu is an organic red wine made from a selection of Grenache and Syrah grapes and without added sulphites.   The grape combination creates a full-bodied, yet soft and seductive, red wine.  Lively, fruity, a little salty and juicy, this wine has taken the best of the south of France, rich fruitiness combined with the taste and balanced acidity provided by the terroir.

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  • 2008 Muscat de Beaumes de Venise ‘Cuvée Les Trois Fonts’, Domaine de Coyeux – 375mlDessert Wine, Port & Dessert Wine

    2008 Muscat de Beaumes de Venise ‘Cuvée Les Trois Fonts’, Domaine de Coyeux – 375ml


    A delicious sweet wine, with notes of lychee, candied apricot and pear, tropical pineapple complemented by honey undertones. Rich, smooth and sweet on the palate, beautifully balanced by freshness and elegance.

    The vineyard provides naturally healthy conditions, due to its altitude, exposure to the sun and the microclimate of the vineyard and enables gentle methods of cultivation to be employed, in order to maintain a healthy vineyard. The vines are planted in alluvial, sandy soils. Excessive buds and leaves are removed in the spring to aerate the strains and increase the leaf’s surface area exposed to the sun. Debudding reduces the production of berries and concentrates the flavours and aromas in those remaining. The living soils, where microbial life creates organic soil enrichment, nourishes the vines.

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  • 2022 Rosé d’Anjou, Les Grands CedresRose Wine

    2022 Rosé d’Anjou, Les Grands Cedres


    With a pretty pink hue, this is a fruity rosé with fresh strawberry flavours combined with white stone fruit and a hint of black pepper. Smooth and rounded, with a balanced sweetness.

    Rosé d’Anjou is an appellation for rosé wines from the Anjou district of France’s western Loire Valley wine region. The vineyard soils are made up of schist and shelly sand.  The grapes were gently pressed after a brief maceration to impart the delicate pink colour to the wine. Fermentation was not completed through to dryness in order to preserve a natural sweetness in the resulting wine.

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  • 2018 Chateau FayauRed Wine

    2018 Chateau Fayau


    This fantastically modern and versatile Bordeaux has delicate aromas of crunchy blackcurrant leading to a rounded palate with supple tannins and pleasant aromatic freshness.

    The south-facing vineyards are situated on the slopes of Cadillac.  Importantly in the modern eco-conscious world Chateau Fayau holds the Haute Valeur Environmentale certification, which officially recognises the environmental performance of winegrowers, including biodiversity conservation, plant protection strategies, managed fertiliser use and water resource management.

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  • 2020 ‘Est-Ouest’ Côtes du Rhône, Domaine André BrunelRed Wine

    2020 ‘Est-Ouest’ Côtes du Rhône, Domaine André Brunel


    This is a spicy, juicy Côtes du Rhône with exuberant ripe red fruit framed by a good structure, rounded tannins and a lovely balance. A delicious and approachable Rhône blend with an elegant finish.

    The vines are grown in two plots located to the east and west of the Rhône (hence the name) and impart the complexity of the different Rhône terroirs. The complementary qualities from these two terroirs allow the 35-year-old Grenache vines to reveal all their potential: elegance and finesse come from the small yields of 35 hectolitres per hectare and clay-limestone subsoil of the Saint Geniès de Comolas terroir in the Gard, while the round pebbles and clay subsoil of the Travaillan in the Vaucluse impart structure and power to the blend.

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  • 2020 Château Bellecroix, Bordeaux SuperiorRed Wine

    2020 Château Bellecroix, Bordeaux Superior


    Château Bellecroix has a long and rich history dating back to the late 1800s. It was purchased in the 1970s by the owner of Château Haut Calens, Albert Yung. Albert has since embarked upon a programme of modernising the entire estate, replanting the vineyards and rebuilding the winery and cellars. Located on the right bank of the Garonne, the clay and gravel soils are ideal for growing Merlot and Cabernet. The 35 acres of vines average 25 years of age and yield healthy, richly flavoured grapes. This wine from the superb 2020 vintage is a blend of 60% Merlot and 40% Cabernet Sauvignon. It’s a silky-textured, medium-bodied Bordeaux with blackcurrants, black cherry, violets and a hint of cedar box. Finely balanced by lively acidity and smooth tannins.

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  • 2022 Rose De Nymphe Émue, Château Maris Wine Republic Heros Rose Wine

    2022 Rose De Nymphe Émue, Château Maris


    The name “Rose de Nymphe Émue” refers to a variety of pink rose that was brought to France at the end of the 17th century, from Crimea.

    It’s considered a summer rosé par excellence to share with friends. Its roundness and hint of acidity make it perfect to accompany a picnic, salads, barbecue. The serving temperature is recommended to be 10-12°C.

    In the glass, It has a pale salmon pink colour, the nose has strawberry bob-bons, dusted with icing sugar, and a pert feeling of freshness. In the mouth, it’s rounded with creamy fruits, and a hint of sweetness.   The acidity is good, giving this balance and meaning the finish is dry and citrus fresh.

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  • 2022 Chapeau Melon Rouge, Jérémie HuchetRed Wine

    2022 Chapeau Melon Rouge, Jérémie Huchet


    The Chapeau Melon Rouge impresses with its finesse and aromatic complexity. It has bouquets of ripe red cherries, wild berries, and subtle earthy undertones intertwined with nuances of smoky spices and hints of leather. The wine is light, supple, and refreshing, with ripe red fruits on the palate.

    Produced by the acclaimed Jérémie Huchet, this delightful full-bodied wine is well suited to a cosy dinner or simply winding down after a long day.

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  • 2022 Chapeau Melon Blanc, Jérémie HuchetWhite Wine

    2022 Chapeau Melon Blanc, Jérémie Huchet


    The Chapeau Melon Blanc is a remarkable French wine, a pure expressive display of the Melon de Bourgogne grape. Originating from the Loire Valley, this wine has a crisp, clean profile, offering a delightful balance between acidic and fruity flavours. Notable hints of green apple, melon, and zesty lemon linger in its bouquet, whilst a pronounced mineral finish emanates from its maritime vineyard roots. A versatile wine, it pairs beautifully with seafood and rich cheeses alike.

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  • 2019 ‘Katharos’ Muscadet Sans Soufre Ajouté,  Louise ChéreauWhite Wine

    2019 ‘Katharos’ Muscadet Sans Soufre Ajouté, Louise Chéreau


    An outstanding expression of Muscadet showing great aromatic purity, with richness and length on the palate. The intense golden colour leads to exotic fruit aromas and notes of ripe, juicy pear. Beautifully balanced with aromatic freshness through to the deliciously persistent finish. A great match for charcuterie, mature cheese or fish and chips.

    The grapes come from a specific parcel at the Château de Chasseloir, carefully selected for its position on a south facing slope, which produces berries that achieve good levels of maturity. The schistous soil imparts a balancing, refreshing character to the wine. The vines are carefully managed respecting the environment; herbicides are not used and the soil is ploughed to eliminate grass between the vines. The grapes are manually harvested at optimal ripeness.



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