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Dessert Wine

Dessert Wine

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  • 2008 Muscat de Beaumes de Venise ‘Cuvée Les Trois Fonts’, Domaine de Coyeux – 375mlDessert Wine, Port & Dessert Wine

    2008 Muscat de Beaumes de Venise ‘Cuvée Les Trois Fonts’, Domaine de Coyeux – 375ml


    A delicious sweet wine, with notes of lychee, candied apricot and pear, tropical pineapple complemented by honey undertones. Rich, smooth and sweet on the palate, beautifully balanced by freshness and elegance.

    The vineyard provides naturally healthy conditions, due to its altitude, exposure to the sun and the microclimate of the vineyard and enables gentle methods of cultivation to be employed, in order to maintain a healthy vineyard. The vines are planted in alluvial, sandy soils. Excessive buds and leaves are removed in the spring to aerate the strains and increase the leaf’s surface area exposed to the sun. Debudding reduces the production of berries and concentrates the flavours and aromas in those remaining. The living soils, where microbial life creates organic soil enrichment, nourishes the vines.

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  • 2018 Botrytis Semillon Reserve, Berton Vineyard, 375mlDessert Wine, Port & Dessert Wine

    2018 Botrytis Semillon Reserve, Berton Vineyard, 375ml


    A luscious wine with intense and layered aromas of orange rind, apricot and honey. The vibrant palate delights with notes of apricot and almond biscotti which carry through to a beautifully balanced finish enhanced by toasted notes and subtle spice.

    The Griffith area of Riverina is internationally renowned for producing some of the best Botrytis affected wines. The fruit is left on the vine for a significantly longer time than other Semillon to encourage the growth of Botrytis, which desiccates the skin allowing the moisture to evaporate.

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  • 2017 ‘Elysium’ Black Muscat, Quady – 375mlDessert Wine, Port & Dessert Wine

    2017 ‘Elysium’ Black Muscat, Quady – 375ml


    Elysium is a brilliant crimson-purple colour with aromas of ripe berries, rose petals, strawberries and lychees. The vibrant acidity balances beautifully with the sweetness of this wine, making it very refreshing.    This wine is amazing with Chocolate desserts and cheese.   This really is one of those wow wines and always elicits the same response – wow!

    This wine also has a great birth story – In 1983 a nearby grower brought Andrew Quady some Black Muscat grapes that were previously destined for sacramental wine at a local church. When the church ceased operations, the grower was left with truckloads of perfectly ripe grapes. Upon hearing that newcomer Quady had some success with Orange Muscat, he knocked on Quady’s door and the rest as they say, is history.

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  • 2019 ‘Essensia’ Orange Muscat, Quady – 375mlDessert Wine, Port & Dessert Wine

    2019 ‘Essensia’ Orange Muscat, Quady – 375ml


    Vibrantly coloured, Essencia delivers luscious sweet oranges and apricots on the palate with bittersweet orange marmalade notes which balance well with the fresh citrussy finish.

    In 1980 Andrew Quady discovered a parcel of underused Orange Muscat grapes in Reedley, California, which led him to make a wine that celebrated the intense aromas and spicy fruit flavours of the grapes. In Italy, the variety is known as Moscato Fior d’Arancio: Orange Blossom Muscat.

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  • 2016 Petit Védrines Sauternes, Chateau Doisy Védrines – Half BottleDessert Wine, Port & Dessert Wine

    2016 Petit Védrines Sauternes, Chateau Doisy Védrines – Half Bottle


    Sauternes is the world’s most celebrated dessert wine and Doisy Védrines is one of the best. Despite lying next door to Premiers Crus Châteaux Climens and Coutet, it remains under the radar. This is their magnificent, affordable second wine.

    Golden in colour, the nose shows caramelised citrus, orange marmalade and honeysuckle. Sweet, but not cloying, there are lovely botrytis flavours intermingled with orange and lime peel and fresh citrus acidity on the generous finish.

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  • 2016 ‘Cane Cut’ Marsanne, Tahbilk, 500mlDessert Wine, Port & Dessert Wine

    2016 ‘Cane Cut’ Marsanne, Tahbilk, 500ml


    Established in 1860, Tahbilk is a historic family-owned winery, renowned for their Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and of course their Marsanne!  Marsanne is one of the world’s rarest grape varieties originating in the Northern Rhone & Hermitage regions of France it is grown in only 3 other countries, Australia, America & Switzerland. Tahbilk holds the largest and oldest single holding of the variety in the world.

    This beautiful dessert wine is full of citrus and tropical fruit characters that are complemented by lush marmalade, nutty and honeysuckle notes on a richly opulent palate, refreshed by a mineral-like acidity.  Delicious with stinky cheeses or summer puddings or just because you enjoy life on the sweet side!

    This wine is named after the practice of cutting the canes, where the fruiting cane is detached from the vine. The bunches of grapes are left to hang prior to harvest, drying the fruit which concentrates the flavours and sugars, resulting in a luscious wine.

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  • 2018 Noble Riesling ‘Godfreys Creek Reserve’, Saint Clair, 375mlDessert Wine, Port & Dessert Wine

    2018 Noble Riesling ‘Godfreys Creek Reserve’, Saint Clair, 375ml


    Saint Clair Godfrey’s Creek Noble Reserve Riesling is a deliciously complex dessert wine, with a bouquet of clover honey, cinnamon and beeswax. Luscious and silky on the palate with rich orange, apricot and cocoa notes leading to a long, smooth finish.

    The fruit for Godfrey’s Creek is grown in the heart of the Marlborough Valley. The vineyard is situated on the Wairau Valley floor, where it experiences early morning dew and light afternoon breezes; a successful combination in the production of Noble Riesling. Select grape bunches were left to hang on the vine until late in the season, promoting raisining and botrytis. The grapes were hand-harvested once the desired level of sugar had been reached. This wine is only made in vintages when the season facilitates the extra hanging time required for the growth of botrytis on the grapes. The vineyard is cultivated according to sustainable practices and is accredited to Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand.

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  • 2016 Dulce, Castano, 375mlDessert Wine

    2016 Dulce, Castano, 375ml


    This is a unique, sweet red Monastrell. Dulce is made by halting fermentation at 5-7% abv to retain residual sugar.

    Bursting with opulent flavours of stewed black fruits, black olives and dried figs, Dulce is perfectly balanced with a lingering, sweet finish.

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  • 2015 `Symphonie de Novembre` Jurançon Moelleux, Domaine Cauhapé, 375mlDessert Wine, Port & Dessert Wine

    2015 `Symphonie de Novembre` Jurançon Moelleux, Domaine Cauhapé, 375ml


    Remarkably intense on the nose, the aromas are a perfect blend of exotic and citrus fruits, with notes of resin, spice and toast. The palate is smooth and very aromatic, lifted by ripe fruit flavours, and notes of pineapple, quince and chestnut. A complex and delicate wine.

    Domaine Cauhapé owns 43 hectares of vines. This is a real stronghold in Jurançon, given that the entire appellation totals only 1,000 hectares. Planted in the foothills of the Pyrenees, the vineyards are south and south-east facing and are situated up to 400 metres above sea level, allowing the grapes to ripen slowly and retain good levels of acidity. The vines are on average 10 years old, sustainably farmed and are planted on siliceous-clay soils, which have excellent water retention for the hotter, summer months. The Petit Manseng grapes remain on the vine until November, allowing them to dry and shrivel, thereby concentrating the sugars.

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  • The Nostalgia Rare Tawny, d’Arenberg, 375mlDessert Wine, Fortified, Port, Port & Dessert Wine

    The Nostalgia Rare Tawny, d’Arenberg, 375ml


    The Nostalgia Rare NV is a decadent wine, offering a delicious concentration of toffee, cherry, caramel and marmalade and is the oldest wine that d’Arenberg release each year. It is only available in tiny quantities due to the amount that evaporates to the atmosphere over time, known as “the angel’s share”. The centrepiece of the label is a coat of arms with the original d’Arenberg crest, created by d’Arry Osborn in 1959 when he first released wine with the red stripe. Alongside the crest as supporters are a Clydesdale horse and a Dorper lamb, both important to the history of the winery and also today.

    In the glass it’s a burnished bronze with an alluring rim of olive – illustrating the great age of some of the parcels that have gone into this wine. The nose is at first a cascade of walnuts toasted almonds and rancio (drying, mature complex oak character). It then opens up to dried fruits, pears and apples with a sprinkling of cinnamon spice, further inspection gives up toffee, dried figs and burnt butter. The palate is very lively, tingling with spice and lift – a fantastic balance of freshness and age, the sweetness kept in check by the rancio.

    In 2013 Chester Osborn, current Chief Winemaker and Viticulturalist, reintroduced the use of horses to the oldest bush vine Grenache vineyard in McLaren Vale, and sheep continue to graze between the vines as part of the biodynamic practices employed in the vineyards. Other elements of the coat of arms represent the export history of their fortified wines, illustrated by a ship crossing an ocean of vine leaves. Also present are acknowledgements of the traditional viticulture and winemaking techniques that are still in use at d’Arenberg, hand pruning and basket pressing. A second look at the labels show a human foot drawn on each supporting animal, representative of foot treading of each red ferment. Other features are vineyard tools and oak barrels, a copper pot still and a gentle cherub.

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  • 2016 Sauternes, Château Laville – 375mlDessert Wine, Port & Dessert Wine

    2016 Sauternes, Château Laville – 375ml


    Château Laville is owned by Jean-Christophe Barbe and his family. Jean-Christophe’s particular area of expertise as an oenology professor at the University of Bordeaux is ‘noble rot’ which, as a producer of Sauternes, he has had plenty of opportunities to study first-hand.

    This 2016 vintage is a bright, golden wine that opens with intense aromas of fresh citrus notes and hints of candied fruits. Rich and layered on the palate, it is expressive with orange blossom, dried figs and sweet spices. The finish is remarkably fresh and long.

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  • Offer Demi-Sec, Champagne Collet Wine Republic Heros Champagne & Sparkling Wine, Dessert Wine, Port & Dessert Wine

    Demi-Sec, Champagne Collet

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    This delicious sweet style champagne has light aromas of meringue and praline that are swirled in delicate notes of violet and stewed fruits, through to a beautifully balanced palate with sustained freshness and fine, sweet flavours. Notes of candied citrus and candied strawberry are complemented by a warm touch of white pepper in this light Champagne which develops on the palate over time.

    An assemblage of over 100 Crus, this cuvée reveals a broad array of aromas reflecting the diverse terroirs of the Champagne region. The composition is completed with 35% reserve wines in order to preserve the Collet style year after year. The blend comprises 50% Pinot Meunier from the villages of the Marne Valley and the Ardre Valley, which brings tonicity, richness and tension to the wine. The Crus of the Aisne make a tender and round wine and punctuate the assemblage with exotic fruit notes. 30% Chardonnay from the Sézannais region adds enjoyment and harmony and the Crus of southern Epernay contribute tonic citrus notes. 20% Pinot Noir from the Côte des Bar contributes structure and tension.

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  • 2017 Tokaji Aszu 5 Puttonyos, Chateau Dereszla, 375mlDessert Wine, Port & Dessert Wine

    2017 Tokaji Aszu 5 Puttonyos, Chateau Dereszla, 375ml


    Situated in the heart of the Tokaj region, the origins of Chateau Dereszla can be traced back to the 18th century. The Estate owns 27 hectares spread across the designated “Grand Cru” area, and the large diversity of soils throughout these vineyard holdings is a crucial factor in the complexity of their wines. The historic cellars were fully renovated in 2003 and equipped with state-of-the-art winemaking technology.

    Château Dereszla is world-renowned for its sweet wines made from grapes affected by Botrytis cinerea, also known as “noble rot”.   This 2017 Aszú 5 Puttonyos is made from the Furmint and Hárslevelű grape varieties which are native to Hungary.     In the glass, the wine is deep, the roasted fruit notes are complemented by lively, fresh apricot and quince. Luscious yet sprightly, with a beautiful blossomy scent and a fresh finish. Glazed peach and honey overflow from the nose, counterbalanced by lovely earthy nuances.

    Château Dereszla Aszú 5 Puttonyos is an excellent example of traditional Tokaji wines and is a delicious and elegant dessert in its own right.

    To make Château Dereszla Aszú 5 Puttonyos, the grapes are harvested by hand to be able to carefully select the grapes affected by Botrytis cinerea, with the final amount of sugar measured in puttonyos.  A puttonyo is a kind of basket with an approximate capacity of 25 kg. It is used as a measure to work out the quantity noble rot clusters, which they call Aszú, and which are subsequently poured into the base wine in 136-litre barrels. The minimum quantity for this class of wines is 3 puttonyos and the maximum is 6. The more puttonyos it contains, the sweeter it will be.  The resulting wine ages for three years in Hungarian oak barrels.

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  • 2009 Noble Riesling ‘Godfreys Creek Reserve’, Saint Clair, 375mlDessert Wine, Port & Dessert Wine

    2009 Noble Riesling ‘Godfreys Creek Reserve’, Saint Clair, 375ml


    This 12-year-old example of Saint Clair’s Noble Riesling dessert wine is stunning and a very rare beast indeed.  Deliciously complex with a bouquet of soft dried apricots and creamed honey that carries through to the pallet.  Lime zest and a hint of beeswax intermingle with the creamed honey and apricots, lingering in the mouth for what seems an eternity. This is topped off with a spicy ginger finish.

    Enjoy with soft cheeses, dried fruits, apple or apricot pie with freshly whipped cream or a fresh summer fruit salad.

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  • Sotto di Ferro, Charles Melton Wine Republic Heros Dessert Wine, Port & Dessert Wine

    Sotto di Ferro, Charles Melton


    Charles Melton is the only Australian producer of a vin-santo styled dessert wine, he calls it, Sotto di Ferro.   Made from Pedro Ximenez and Muscadelle grapes that are hung and dried in bunches under the rafter of old iron sheds on the Melton property.   From the trickle of juice gathered from the shrivelled grapes comes this wine showing rich, luscious dried apricot and nut characters.  This is not a wine to rush.   Take your time and allow it to impress you with its sweet complexity that develops in the glass.

    For those interested in the winemaking process this from the winery:  Pedro Ximenez and Muscadelle bunches are carefully hand-picked and placed in small crates before being taken to our ‘hanging shed’. There, an experienced team tie six to eight bunches of grapes onto strings which are then suspended from the rafters for up to eight weeks.  The grapes dehydrate naturally as they are exposed to air, and when the team at Charles Melton Wines deems the grapes to be concentrated enough, the bunches will be pressed in a basket press. The juice is then yeasted and fermented in small 60-litre old oak casks known as ‘Caratelli’ for 18 months. After fermentation completes, the wine will remain in barrel for a further four years before it is bottled.

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