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Loxwood Meadworks

Pure Mead, Loxwood Meadworks

Pure Mead is crisp, refreshing and delicately sweet mead, served chilled and enjoyed like a white wine.

Just as wine is made from grapes, mead is made from honey; however, unlike many other meads you may have tried before, the Loxwood Pure Mead is created using a unique blend of 100% British honey in the ferment – the process that makes the alcohol. It is fermented dry and then back-sweetened with honey, to give the most natural flavour and a delicate sweetness.

In the glass it has a deep golden colour with honey-citrus aromas. Deliciously off-dry this honey wine has an elegant minerality and crisp zesty flavours which complement the rich, creamy, textured finish.

Pure Mead is a great pairing with a cheeseboard, slow-roasted pork or ham – think anything you might have honey with! If you would serve a rich or sweeter white wine like a Riesling, try Pure Mead instead.

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Founder of Loxwood Meadworks, Danny Bacon, was one of the organisers of a medieval festival, The Loxwood Joust. Danny first discovered mead a couple of years ago as sweet, medieval honey wine. It got him thinking – what happened to this drink and how could we bring it back in a modern way? Soon he found a team of people to help him re-imagine every aspect of what a modern mead could be and, together, Loxwood Meadworks was created.

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